Am I Burnout Out? PART 1

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I’ve got a whole book coming on this, but this part needs to be laid out for you now because I’ve gotten so many questions about it recently.

The questions were: do I need a Burnout Coach? What does a Burnout Coach do? How do I know if I’m burnt out?

In order to address the first two questions, we really need to address the third first.


According to Burnout researcher Christina Maslach, PhD., the major signs of burnout are:

  1. Physical and Emotional Exhaustion
  2. Cynicism and Detachment
  3. Lack of Accomplishment

Maslach’s research shows that having all three of the above to any degree is a sure sign that you’re burnt out. If you have 2 out of 3, you’re on your way to burning out. If you’ve got just one – it’s time to see your Primary Care Physician and possibly a therapist.

Today’s blog will be all about #1 – Physical and Emotional Exhaustion.

Loads of people are tired and on edge – what makes it exhaustion?

Let’s look at Physical Exhaustion First.

For me, it’s the literal interpretation of “I can’t even”. It’s not some mean girl not even being able to even because her nail is broken. It’s not needing a vacation. It’s the inability to physically do another damn thing. When I was burnt out (and unknowingly battling a thyroid issue), I had to stop halfway through my 4-minute walk home from the tram. It was uphill and there were days that I absolutely under no circumstances could do it without stopping. 4 minutes.


I stopped on someone’s stoop and rested, shaking my head, wondering how it was possible to be so damn tired after a 6-hour shift doing a job I love.

When burnout is involved, there is usually some diagnosable issue around physical fatigue. For me, it was hypothyroid (I manage with diet, exercise, alternative medicine, and supplements). For other people, it’s anemia. Some people are low in vitamin D or the myriad of vitamin B’s. Some people even have muscle atrophy. This is why I always suggest that people do a full checkup with their primary care physician before starting any in-depth Burnout Coaching.

It’s also why I use a full Chinese Medicine Intake right away when you book your free call. I get to use my 12-year expertise as a specialist in Chinese medicine to help you make adjustments that you may have not known you needed otherwise. Should you be ginger tea’ing? Maybe green is better for you? Maybe there’s an issue with your eyes and you need some bone broth. I love digging through your info and helping you make the smallest changes for the biggest impact. Physical exhaustion is the pits, but with some guidance and a full check-up – we can get you back on track.

Emotional Exhaustion is noticeable when you’ve lost the ability to manage your emotions and they’ve started managing you instead. Your life is on a constant emotional edge like a man smoking a cigarette while pumping gas – you could explode at any moment. Explosions can be tears or rage – either way, they are uncontrollable and not appropriate reactions for the situation at hand.

Clients tell me all the time: “I feel like I’m acting like a crazy bitch – I can stand outside myself and watch it. I know I’m being nuts, I just can’t stop myself!”.

This is confusing because it’s such strong energy that it doesn’t feel or look like exhaustion but that’s exactly what it is. When you’re really and truly burnt out, managing anything is a major P.I.T.A. and you just can’t f*^*& be bothered. Your emotions become this machine that rules your life and your relationships. Your family starts giving you a wide berth. You don’t feel like yourself but you don’t know how to get back.

These two things together – Physical and Emotional Exhaustion – are hard to handle and they make recovery difficult because you feel too tired to do the things that you KNOW you need to do. That’s where I come in. When we work together, I let you know exactly what you should be doing and how often. I break it down for you into bite-sized pieces to be sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. The responsibility of deciding is taken off your shoulders and you are guided to the easiest and most impactful solutions for YOU.

There are no magic wands and absolutely ZERO one size fits all solutions – if you’re burnt out you need someone to hold your hand and lead you through the forest for a bit. That’s what I’m here for.

If you already think you need a chat – book a free consult now. It’s a requirement before working with me for a couple reasons:

  1. We need to be a good match – if the chemistry is off, it just is. You should be spending your time, money, and energy with someone who is perfect for you.

  2. I want to be sure you need me – if I think you need an acupuncturist, or a physical, or regular massages – I’ll send you off to do that first (or instead). I’m happy to help you find people in your area to the best of my abilities.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of the: Am I Burnt Out? Series 

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