5 TOP Podcasts To Help You Through Burnout

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2019

When I started FRIED: The Burnout Podcast, I did some research and found almost NOTHING about Burnout in the podcasting space. Now, thankfully, there are multiple options for different views and ways to help yourself through it, that means that no matter who you are, there’s someone who will vibe well with you!

1. FRIED – The Burnout Podcast. Fried is an interview-style podcast where each guest shares their own story of burnout – how they got there, what their symptoms were and how they got out of it. They share best practices and all the real and raw stories about crying on floors, wishing for car accidents, and going through medical issues like Bell’s Palsy and breast cancer. The majority of the guests are women entrepreneurs and the host is Cait Donovan, an acupuncturist and burnout coach who specializes in working with successful female entrepreneurs in both her acupuncture and coaching practices.

2. Balanced Black Girl. Balanced Black Girl is a podcast and website run by Lestraundra “Les” Alfred who is a personal trainer and a fitness coach. What I love about this podcast is that it recognizes that there needs to be a bigger safe space for women of color to discuss wellness as it pertains to them. Representation matters, and Les shows up here and provides amazing content with a dose of humor.

3. Burnt Out To Lit Up. Burnt Out To Lit Up is a podcast run by a husband and wife team named Erika and Mike. Both in the healthcare field (OT and PT respectively), they do QandA’s, interviews, Burnout prevention tips and more. Both this podcast and Erika’s business were inspired by Erika’s own burnout and recovery story. They’ve done over 100 episodes and are inspiring and fun to listen to.

4. Burnout to Breakthrough is hosted by Dr. Eric Sheumaker and is CHOCK FULL of tips and suggestions of how to recover from burnout, how to recognize burnout, and pretty much anything else that could have any effect on your mental health. Dr. Eric covers IT ALL. You’ll find yourself saying, ‘how did he know I was thinking that?!?” as you listen!

5. Talk Burnout. Talk Burnout is another interview-style podcast. The host is Kevin Joseph and he talks with people about what their definitions of burnout are based on their experiences of living it. Kevin started the podcast following his burnout in the Healthcare IT industry.

I love having this list and I hope you find it helpful if you’re feeling a little crispy around the edges and need some support, you’ll find it in here!



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